About us

We present financial education to CU students on a variety of topics including but not limited to spending, ID theft, credit, saving, managing debt and student loans.  We collaborate with the Office of Financial Aid who helps students with student loan default prevention and default management.  We offer workshops, online resources, and individualized one-on-one education sessions to help students make sense of their personal finances and make good financial decisions.

Our mission is to present unbiased financial information and resources to empower and educate CU students to help them make sound financial decisions now and in the future.

Staff Profiles

Niomi Williams

Niomi Williams is the Associate Program Director for CU Money Sense, as well as a Certified Personal Financial Manager.  She presents on-campus personal finance workshops, facilitates one-on-one financial coaching sessions, designs our e-newsletters, and maintains our social media channels.  Niomi has a M.A. in Communications from Wichita State University and started with CU Money Sense in April 2013. When she’s not spending her free time reading the latest personal finance books, she’s looking for new trails to hike along the Front Range.

Susie Jacobs

Susie Jacobs is the Director of CU Money Sense and Manager of Communications in the Bursar’s Office at CU Boulder.  She has worked in various positions in the Bursar’s Office for over twenty years and was instrumental in creating CU Boulder’s financial literacy program.  Susie oversees long-term planning and program development for CU Money Sense.

Susie applied for and received her first credit card at the UMC back when credit card companies were allowed on campus. It was a CitiBank card with a 19.25% interest rate. Like everyone, she vowed she would only use it for emergencies and pay off the balance each month. And like almost everyone, that didn’t happen. She later maxed out that credit card on a trip to Miami for the Orange Bowl (not good use of the credit card but it was a great trip!). She likes spending time with family and her dog, volunteering in the community, and hiking around beautiful Colorado.


Our Campus Network Partners

The following is a list of the offices on the CU Boulder campus that partner in our efforts to promote financial literacy:

Office of Financial Aid
Career Services
Veteran’s Affairs
Women’s Resource Center
International Education
Counseling and Psychological Services
Academic Excellence Program
Office of Study Abroad
Wardenburg Health Center
Student Athletics
Off-Campus Housing
Residential Life
Parent Relations
United Government of Graduate Students

Any campus office that is interested in participating in our Financial Literacy Network, please feel free to contact us at CUmoneysense@colorado.edu for more information.


Web Disclaimer

The CU Money Sense website is designed to provide authoritative information with regard to the subject matter covered. It is provided with the understanding that CU Money Sense is not engaged in rendering legal, accounting, or other professional advice. Because individual situations may be fact-dependent, and if expert advice is required, the services of a competent professional should be sought. Before acting on the suitability of this information for your personal situation, please consult your accountant, financial advisor, investment counselor, or other knowledgeable professional. References to specific companies, stocks, or other investments are for illustrative purposes only, and such information may have been previously disseminated in another format.